A subsidiary of Toding Consultancy that deals with the HR aspect of the business

About FixdHr

FixdHr is a subsidiary of Toding Consultancy that deals with the HR aspect of the business and provides solutions to business problems. FixdHr deals with management functions such as employee well-being, organizational goals, relationship building, and safety issues in the company. Our services include Recruitment Strategy, Onboarding, Employee motivation, Performance Appraisal, Training & Development, Employer Branding, Employee feedback, and Talent Retention amongst others.

Human Capital Strategy:

This strategy outlines the human resources and the expertise that permits an organization to realize its objectives. Business owners know that employees are a very vital part of the business and contribute to the success of the organization, this is why human capital strategy is important to implement in every organization. At Toding Consultancy, we use this strategy to ensure that your organization has the right human capital in the right roles at the right time and with the right conditions.

Compensation and Benefits:

These are the payment and advantages employees receive from their employers for the work they perform in the organization. Compensation is usually fully taxable, but benefits can be tax-free. Employers pay their employees a reward for the work they do in the organization and that is referred to as compensation. These compensations include money, pension, insurance, bonuses etc. At Toding Consultancy, we handle compensation and benefit on behalf of business owners or companies who have difficulties navigating this area of HR.

Talent Management & Recruitment:

This is basically the recruitment aspect of HR that deals with managing talents. Talent Management involves strategically developing a productive workforce that contributes to the overall performance of the business to sustain its competitiveness. Toding Consultancy aids companies and business owners to recruit the best talents that will be efficient and fit into their organizational culture. We manage the full recruitment cycles for companies, from the pre-selection to the hiring phase and even up to the onboarding, depending on the client’s needs.

Learning and Development:

This is a function within the organization that focuses on employees’ growth and development of their skills and knowledge to drive performance and productivity in the organization. This function is usually part of employee benefits from their organization to ensure that their employees are up to date with the industry’s latest trends and skills, using these to help the organization achieve its mission and goals. We offer training services to develop employees to be competent in their organization.

HR Analytics:

This involves using automation and data to manage and simplify HR or work processes within the organization. This part has a heavy reliance on data and technology. We use HR analytics to make informed decisions, improve work practices, and promote positive employee experience in the organization.

Organizational Change:

This is more like putting structures in place in an organization. We work with business owners or company management to create a system targeted at setting up the right environment for the employees by outlining activities such as roles, responsibilities, and guidelines that aid the organization in achieving its goals.

Succession Planning Strategy:

This is the process of identifying the critical positions within the organization and setting up strategic plans for the employees to assume those roles. We holistically view the current and future goals of your organization, use them to predict, and put strategic measures in place to ensure that the company has the right talents in the right role today and even in the future.

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